Laboratory Composite Forensic Meth Test (SUSPICION OF DRUG USE)

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Recommended where there is SUSPICION of drug use or manufacture. Recommended minimum of 1 sample for each room in the dwelling.


  • Where drug manufacture or use is suspected but not known
  • Existence of warning signs, drug paraphernalia, glass pipes, needles etc. (What to look for)


This type of Screening is similar to a detailed forensic assessment where a field sampling technician takes individual swab samples in adherence with NIOSH 9111. Samples are taken from every room and each sample is held in its own tube. Samples are analysed together at the lab, to provide an average reading for the entire property. If the reading is above 0.5μg/100cm², individual samples can be re-analysed (at an additional cost per sample) to establish which rooms have the problem. There is no need to revisit the property on this occasion.


Because the swab samples are already held individually at the laboratory, should the batch show contamination the laboratory can quickly re-run the samples individually to give you a break down of contamination on each sample without the need for a field sampling technician to re-visit the property.


The initial cost of the laboratory composite is more expensive than a Base composite screen so this type of test is normally designed for clients who already have a suspicion there is contamination within the property.


All sampling is conducted by a trained sampling technician, using NIOSH Method 9111. Samples are sent under a chain of custody (COC) to a NATA accredited laboratory.