What Are Signs of a Meth Lab?

What Are Signs of a Meth Lab?

Is it a Meth Lab or is it a Smoke House?

Meth labs are often in highly populated residential areas so it is important to report any signs of a meth lab. Neighbors living near a meth lab often notice unusual behavior or their neighbors running the meth lab as well as unusual waste in unauthorised dump sites.

Some warning signs of a meth lab include:

  • There has been a law enforcement bust (approx. 10%)
  • Environmental order from local council EHO.
  • Residue test may show (BUT NOT ALWAYS).
  • Higher Methamphetamine and precursor levels. Ephedrine, Pseudoephedrine.
  • Higher levels around potential cook areas such as kitchen range hood, laundry exhaust, garage/shed areas.
  • Other contaminants, Boron, Iodine, Lithium, To name a few…
  • >60% or long-term users will have a go at cooking meth at some stage.

Other meth lab signs to look for:


  • Denied access to the area
  • Increased traffic and late-night visitors with unusually shorts stays
  • Covering and blacking out windows
  • Additional security measures, CCTV cameras, security doors, guard dogs
  • Chemical smells not normally found in residential areas
  • Large amounts of household chemicals
  • Waste with a large number of pill packaging
  • Coffee filters, pillowcases, and sheets that are stained red
  • Glass containers with dried chemical deposits remaining
  • Burn damage to countertops in kitchen or laundry.
  • New paint and carpet.

If you notice any of these signs of a meth lab it is important to report it immediately to the proper authorities and keep your neighborhood and family safe.

Signs to look for in a smokehouse (User Site)

  • Meth does not discriminate, welfare recipient to a merchant banker, users come from all walks of society, do not assume
  • Point bags, needles, glass pipes
  • Light bulbs missing, used to smoke
  • Erratic behavior, mowing the lawn at night
  • Holes in gyprock, a tendency for violence
  • Intricate and detailed works, mosaic art, graffiti
  • Obvious physical changes in the occupants, meth mouth, creepy crawlies under the skin
  • General lack or loss of care